Hide.Me VPN Iphone App Review

It’s undoubtedly a huge plus for Hide.me for successfully striving to provide its users with great varieties of compatible devices. The world has changed so much. Today, we do not only stare at computers for like 24/7 but also at phones and other mobile devices. So it is not weird to say that we have been more ‘alive’ in virtual rather than reality.

But what else can we do to stop the advancement? By this way, humans develop. And it is clearly proven that technology has driven us to a better level of civilization. Hide.me take a position by equipping your iPhone with powerful data encryption, if you are willing to try their VPN features. But what sort of ease and protection does Hide.me VPN serves to us?

How Hide.me Works

Hide.me works by giving you access to censored sites, even if your location is in restricted countries such as Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Egypt. In addition, Hide.me enables communications through blocked media such as Skype or other VoIP tools that may not be allowed in your particular country.

hide.me iphone vpn

Hide.me VPN also protects you from surveillance, hacking and other cyber-criminal methods which can be bypassed through WiFi hotspots. This is possible for Hide.me has equipped their system with AES-256 encryption that allows you to download and upload data without being known by any third party.

Several common protocols are prepared to serve you with the best security level. Those options include PPTP, SSTP, L2TP or IPSec, IKEv2, SoftEther and OpenVPN. Not only that, there is something even more amazing about buying Hide.me VPN. That is about your being able to gain access to integrate your gadgets to SmartTV, Freesar box, Apple TV, game consoles and IPTV.

How To Integrate Hide.me VPN and iPhone

One of the greatest breakthrough initiated by Hide.me is enabling users to enjoy VPN features from their iPhones. The operation is similar to the one you do on your PC or Mac. And in regards to security level, there is nothing different about your iPhone. You are able to enjoy the same protection as you get on your PC.

Even the setup is pretty easy. Just go to your iPhone’s Settings, then click on General and continue with selecting VPN. Tap on Add Configuration, choose L2TP. Next, on the Description, type Hide.me VON and choose which server you wish to connect to on the Server menu. Input your username and password and type ‘hide.io’ on the Secret field. Make sure that all ‘Send All Traffic’ is ON before clicking on Save and just switch your VPN to Connected.