Hide.Me VPN Android App Review

Besides’ gadget flaws on how it has degraded the quality of your real life, many things about smartphones and other gadgets today are worth being appreciated. They are created and designed with all the ease and flexibility the builders try to provide to users. From getting it downloaded to your phone and how its features operated, nothing upsets you that much.

Similarly, that is what you are going to perceive from Hide.me VPN Android app. There is nothing to worry about this phone app as everything about it works as much the same as its operation on PC.

A Glimpse of Hide.me VPN Android App

On this Hide.me VPN Android app review, you are going learn about the basic principles of use of the VPN app. Well, just like other VPN’s Android apps, you get to download it first from the Google Play Store and get it installed correctly to your Android device.

Yet, there is something different about this app. Hide.me VPN Android app does even support IKEv2 protocol which is regarded as the most powerful and fastest VPN protocol by far. Only Android v4.0 or higher that is compatible with this particular app.

As you enjoy from your PC with Hide.me VPN features, you are also able to find your internet connection secured and protected under anonymous IP address. Even if the connection is unstable, IKEv2 protocol enables your internet connection to go smoothly.

Last but not least, by utilizing your phone with this Hide.me VPN Android app, the system will automatically stop and reconnect the internet when the connection is interrupted. That’s picture just how smart Hide.me VPN on a smartphone.

How To Setup

Now that you know why you have to keep the Android app of Hide.me VPN on your Android phone, here is how to install and setup. After getting the app downloaded to your phone, make sure you choose the right protocol.

Besides IKEv2, Hide.me VPN Android app also supports OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. Each of them does certainly have different characteristics. You can opt for whichever of them suits your needs best. After this step, then you could simply connect to the server you want to access and enjoy your secure internet connection.