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Webcam Screensaver
Title: Webcam Screensaver
Date added: 4/23/2006
Size: 1.38 MB
Price: $19.95
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Connect to any of the countless live webcams on the Internet, and view the images as your screen saver - complete with image captions, transitions and background MP3 music. Save your favorite images as desktop wallpaper! Webcam applications are limitless: monitor highway traffic or weather forecasts, enjoy live nature views, take sneak peeks into someone else's livingroom, or setup your own home security webcam and view the images from the office! Includes Enhanced Image Stretching: Our unsurpassed quality stretch option enhances images and removes the "blockiness" that occurs when images are resized to fit the desktop. GetRight Compatible: If you use the award-winning GetRight utility to download files from the Internet, the Webcam Screen Saver will display status information, such as the name of the file being downloaded and the percentage completed. You don't have to disable your screen saver to keep track of your downloads. Fast-function-keys: provide fast access to screen saver controls CORPORATE CLIENTS.

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