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Advance System Optimizer v2.0
Title: Advance System Optimizer
Date added: 4/10/2006
Size: 9.23 MB
Price: $39.95
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Advanced System Optimizer's privacy protector and evidence eraser keep prying eyes out of your system. By removing cookies, web history, and recent documents history, the program ensures that your sensitive information can't be retrieved by coworkers, family members, or strangers.
The system cleaner and optimizer removes junk and obsolete files from the system. In addition to freeing up valuable system space, Advanced System Optimizer makes your system run more smoothly. The program identifies and removes files that are often missed by the system uninstaller, defrag, and scandisk programs.
Advanced System Optimizer's system files backup and restore functions keep your critical files secure so that you can restore them if you suffer a system failure. You can back up your Windows registry and restore it if your registry is damaged by a virus attack, or by errors created while installing or uninstalling software on your computer.
The registry cleaner and fixer ensure that invalid information is removed from your Windows registry, so that it will never cause your computer to slow down or crash. You can delete invalid registry entries, and manage the programs that are run automatically each time you start Windows.
Advanced System Optimizer's registry defragger and optimizer help you get maximum speed from your computer. By removing fragmentation, deleting unused entries, and compacting your registry, you can ensure that your operating system is running at maximum speed.
The program's new spyware detective can determine if software has been installed on your system that is contacting the bad guys and sending them your private information. The spam remover and email checker let you set up simple rules to keep spam from cluttering your inbox and wasting your time. Advanced System Optimizer's new icon manager gives you the ability to beautify your Windows environment. The latest version includes more than 30 tools to supercharge your PC's performance, and more than 200 tweaks to customize Windows to your liking, and improve its performance.
Whether you're a business person who wants to ensure that Windows is optimized for the type of applications that you use every day, a network administrator or computer consultant who needs to investigate and correct performance problems in your users' computers, or a home user who wants to improve computer performance and postpone the purchase of a new machine, Advanced System Optimizer has the tools that you need.

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